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Meter Refresh Underway With New Meters

Your Lewis County PUD’s Meter Refresh program is coming your way, and we will be replacing 100% of the meters in the District. In the coming weeks and months you may see a PUD contractor making these enhancements.

On the rare occasion that access to your property is needed, we will call to schedule an appointment at your convenience. Once our work is done, we will leave a notice on your door to let you know we are finished.

The upgrade to an AMI Advanced Meter (a.k.a. Smart Meter or Digital Meter) will help us respond to outages faster and with greater precision. If an outage occurs, the advanced meters can help the PUD locate and resolve the problem and restore power even quicker.

The Refresh aims to improve our billing process. At pre-determined intervals your meter will let the PUD know how much energy you’ve consumed, eliminating the need for a PUD employee to manually read your meter. This gives us better and more timely information to prepare your bill.

The Refresh program will also help keep our costs low by saving the PUD money. Once the Meter Refresh program is complete the PUD will save approximately one million dollars a year in operations and maintenance costs. This savings will help keep our rates low for our customers.

For those curious about how the meters will transmit the information, they use the 900mhz radio frequency band. Meters will transmit 1,000 milliwatts (mW) for approximately 1.5 seconds every 2 to 4 hours at a typical distance of 10 feet away, whereas cell phones transmit 600 milliwatts (mW) continuously when in use at a typical distance of 1 centimeter away.

If for any reason you do not want the radio transceiver active on the meter, we offer an opt-out option for an additional $25 monthly fee to recover the PUD’s incremental costs to perform manual readings of the meter by a District employee. The fee will help recuperate costs associated with time, fuel, and vehicle maintenance.

The PUD updates the cost to opt-out on a regular basis so this fee may change over time. Visit or call 360-748-9261 for more information.

Low-Income Energy Efficiency Grant

Any Lewis County PUD customer that meets our income requirements may be eligible to receive help to make their home more energy efficient and comfortable.

Low Income Measures

Insulation Rebates
Attic InsulationFloor InsulationWall Insulation
R ≤ 19 to R – 38/49R – 0 to Fill CavityR – 0 to R Fill Cavity
100% Installed Cost100% Installed Cost100% Installed Cost

Window Rebate

New Windows must be NFRC rated and have a U-value of .30 or lower (.29, .28, etc.).
$20 per square foot

Ductless Heat Pump Rebates

  • 12k-15k BTU Outdoor Unit: $4,600
  • 18k BTU Outdoor Unit: $4,800
  • 24k BTU Outdoor Unit: $5,000

To apply, please submit the low-income grant application and then schedule an energy audit. Our Field Specialist will then come to your home to assess insulation levels, window type, and existing heating source, free of charge.

For more information and to apply, visit, stop by in person, or call us at 360-345-1493.

Income Eligibility Guidelines

Safety City

We had so much fun at Safety City 2024!

Safety is one of our core values and it was such a great opportunity to teach the next generation about electrical safety.

Students from throughout Lewis County were able to come through Safety City at Ritchie Bros. and learn about many different aspects of safety.

Thank you to the Washington State Patrol for letting us partner in this great event.

New Website

The PUD launched a new website in January and we wanted to feature Lewis County and the beautiful area it is.

All the amenities that were available with the old website are still available for you today, but with a brand-new design. You can find information on all things PUD including starting service, engineering and construction applications, outage updates, energy efficiency programs, recreational facilities, and broadband services.

We hope you have the opportunity to visit and take a look around. Let us know what you think about it by going to “Your Account” and selecting “How Are We Doing?”. As always, we are at your service and want to know how to best serve you.

Low-Income Senior Discount

Qualified Lewis County PUD customers may receive a reduced or zero daily Service Charge, based on their total annual household income, family size, and the age of the account holder.

Customer, account holder, must be at least 62 years of age. Only one discount per customer is allowed.

To apply, contact Community Action Council at (360) 736-1800.