Lewis County PUD has updated its Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) as required by state law, RCW 19.280, and is posted on this site.

The 2020 IRP is a 20-year study for the years 2021 through 2040. It outlines the sources of power needed to supply our customers through 2040, and describes the mix of resources from generation, conservation, and efficiency that will meet current and projected needs at the lowest reasonable cost and risk to the utility and its customer-owners.

Key elements of the IRP include:

  • A finding of resource needs; and,
  • The preferred portfolio of supply-side and demand-side resources to meet this need.

The IRP uses system modeling tools as part of its analytical framework to determine the long-run economic and operational performance of alternative resource portfolios. These models simulate the integration of new resource alternatives with our existing assets, thereby informing the selection of a preferred portfolio judged to be the most cost-effective resource mix after considering risk, supply reliability, uncertainty, and government energy resource policies.

RCW 19.280.030 Development of a Resource Plan — Requirements of A Resource Plan.

Each electric utility must develop a plan consistent with this section.

(1) Utilities with more than twenty-five thousand customers that are not full requirements customers shall develop or update an integrated resource plan by September 1, 2008. At a minimum, progress reports reflecting changing conditions and the progress of the integrated resource plan must be produced every two years thereafter. An updated integrated resource plan must be developed at least every four years subsequent to the 2008 integrated resource plan. The integrated resource plan, at a minimum, must include….please refer to RCW 19.280.030.

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