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Public Info

Persons and firms wishing to provide goods, services and materials to the District are encouraged to subscribe to Public Purchase to receive automatic notification of non-roster business opportunities. To learn how to register with Public Purchase and to subscribe to our solicitations, please follow these instructions (PDF). You may also register for free with the Washington Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) at their website: Both services are free to use.

Please note:  Accessibility to certain solicitations may require prior District Contractor Pre-Qualification Page approval and registration to the District’s Vendor, Small Works and Consultant Rosters hosted at MRSC Rosters.

Historical Information and Selection Results

Public Closed Bids Info

As-Read and Verified Bid Tabulations and other bidding results are available at the project links in the Historical Information and Selection Results.  You may reach out to the District Contract representative bellow if the information you need is not satisfied through this tool.

Questions on how to use these tools and do business with the District may be directed to:

Marc Ripley, Purchasing and Contracts Supervisor

(360) 345-1609