In 1936, Public Utility District No. 1 of Lewis County was voted into being and the first commissioners were elected: Martin Jacobsen, A.H. McCall and R.B. Peters. In 1938, construction began on about 66 miles of rural lines and in March 1939, the Alpha section of the line was energized. The first electric bills were mailed on April 1, 1939 to approximately 60 customers. Now, we serve more than 32,500 customers over approximately 2,925 miles of distribution lines and services.

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Benefits of Public Power

In 1931, the State of Washington passed legislation that allowed for the formation of Public Utility Districts allowing local citizens to have a right to own and control the means necessary to provide electricity for their communities’ reliability, efficiently and at the lowest reasonable cost. Community ownership means local people working together to meet local needs. Public power utilities, also known as consumer-owned utilities, energize the most remote rural areas and the largest urban centers in the Northwest.

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Types of Generation Used to Serve our Customers

Proudly providing our customers with clean, safe, and reliable power since 1936. Lewis County PUD uses various types of generation to serve the needs of our customers. Find out more Visit Power Supply Page.

Strategic Plan

The Board of Commissioners and staff met in early February 2020 to review and update the District’s mission statement and tag line, verify the District’s values, and create the four focus areas and core competencies the District will follow for the next ten years. The strategic plan focuses on specific results that are to be accomplished, and establishes a strategy for achieving those outcomes. This strategic plan is organized around four focus areas: Community, Stewardship, Service, and Investment.
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