Existing site built single family and manufactured homes that meet the existing heating system requirements are eligible for this program. New construction homes are eligible for the heat pump upgrade measures.

Homes not heated electrically are not eligible for rebates, please contact your fuel provider for rebates.

Ducted heat pump equipment must meet the following efficiency standards listed by the Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute (AHRI).

  • HSPF2 minimum rating of 7.5.
  • SEER2 minimum rating of 14.3.

Eligible Equipment & Rebates

Heat Pump MeasuresExisting Heating SystemRebate
Heat Pump ConversionElectric Furnace$1,000
Variable Speed Heat Pump ConversionElectric Furnace$1,200
Variable Speed Heat Pump UpgradeHeat Pump, DHP, Electric Zonal, New Construction, Wood, Nothing Existing$200
Prescriptive Duct SealingElectric Ducted System$200

Steps to Participate

  1. Your contractor will verify your eligible rebate amount based on your existing heating system. Comfort Ready Home provides a complimentary list of contractors. While not required, you are encouraged to get more than one bid to fully research the options available to you.
  2. Homeowners and/or contractors can request a pre-approval appointment if needed. We also offer bid review appointments to customers who are considering multiple bids and would like assistance in comparing bids.
  3. After all required paperwork has been submitted, a verification of the measures installed may be conducted to ensure the installation meets program specifications.
  4. The Heat Pump Install Form (which includes the participation agreement) must be completed prior to receiving a rebate. If the homeowner and account holder are different parties, both parties must complete and submit the conservation participation agreement before an incentive can be processed. This form is available by using our online form or by completing the program packet both found below.

Program Documents