*Please Never Touch Any Downed Lines*

Update: 7:15 pm

All Known Outages Have Been Addressed.
Again, thank you for your patience.


Update: 1:35 pm

Most of the outages to the east of I-5 have been restored.

We continue to address outages west of I-5, including areas from Adna through PeEll.


Update: Noon

Restorations Include: Layton Prairie outside of Toledo

We are currently focused on our largest outage, disrupting power to approximately 1,100 customers in the PeEll area.

Your patience during these storm-related outages is appreciated. Please watch our Outage WebMap @ Lewis County Website for up-to-date outage information.


Update: 11:15 am

We have widespread outages throughout Lewis County, especially up and down the I-5 corridor.

Areas of Largest Impact Include:

  • Boistfort/Curtis Hill areas including parts of PeEll

Restorations Include:

  • Gore Road to Burnt Ridge in Onalaska.


We are currently experiencing a large outage in Winlock along Highway 505 and many of the ancillary roads off Highway 505. Crews are addressing.

Parts of Toledo and East are currently without power.

Gore Road to Burnt Ridge Road in Onalaska has no power; this includes ancillary roads in those areas.