As A Reminder: Please Never Touch a Downed Power Line!

Update: 10:00 pm

Most all power has been restored. A small handful of outages are still being addressed. We appreciate your patience during these widespread outages.


Update: 8:00 pm

Power has been restored to most of the District with the exception of a few customers in the Winlock area, Brown Rd E, and ancillary roads in Chehalis.


Update: 2:30 pm

We are addressing several wire-down situations scattered all around the County. Crews are working to restore your power and greatly appreciate your kind words and patience.


Update: 6 am

Thank you for your patience during these outages.  We have had all available personnel addressing multiple downed lines and trees in lines overnight.

A good portion of our outages have been addressed; however, there are still many scattered outages, including a couple of large outages:

Crews are en route to the Lincoln Creek and Little Hanaford areas in Centralia, as well as, Burnt Ridge and parts of  Hwy 508 in Onalaska.



We are currently experiencing a large amount of outages due to the high winds. Updates are to follow as available.