Scammers try to fool PUDThe Lewis County PUD recently had an employee receive a scam phone call with a message saying, “The customer has been overcharged on their power bill, to get a refund “Press 1”.

Our employee pressed one to see what would happen and a voice came on and said that there was an overcharge of $100.

“Sadly, scam calls are still being made but we are glad customers are calling the PUD to check rather than giving information to the scammers,” says Customer Service Manager Jennifer Bush. “If you get an email or phone call you think is suspicious, call the PUD Customer Service office to report the call and to check your account status. These scams only work when you volunteer your personal information.”

Recipients of such fraudulent phone calls should under no circumstances agree to send money or give bank account, credit card, or other personal information.

Rather, customers are advised to immediately contact PUD Customer Service at (360) 748-9261 to verify the claim.