LED Fixture Actual

Lewis County PUD is excited to announce that beginning in February 2021 and continuing through 2022, existing PUD-owned high-pressure sodium street light fixtures will be replaced with new, low-cost, energy-efficient LED street light fixtures. LED street light fixtures have many benefits, including:

  • Cost & Energy Efficient. LED lights will be cheaper for the customer to operate than existing high-pressure sodium vapor (HPS) light fixtures. LEDs are extremely energy efficient relative to every other commercially available lighting technology.
  • Better Light Quality.
    • Directional Light: LED lights can better target the areas that need lighting, whereas high-pressure sodium does not offer such flexibility.
    • Brighter: LED lights produce higher foot candles, a measure of the amount of light produced that reaches surfaces.
    • More Natural Light: LED has a pleasing Color Rendering Index (CRI) range, which means light can clearly illuminate/project the colors of objects.
  • Lower PUD Maintenance. LEDs last longer than any light source commercially available on the market, which means that the PUD won’t need to spend as much time and money on maintenance and repairs. These cost savings are passed onto customers in the form of reduced security light rates.
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