Resolution No. 2943, rate effective January 1, 2022


This schedule is available to District customers in single family residences. Service is to be constructed according to the District’s Line Extension Policy and Residential Service Requirements.

Character of Service:

Service shall be single phase, 60 cycle, alternating current at nominal 120/240 volts.


  • $0.96 per day basic charge, plus
  • $0.06819 per kilowatt hour

Tax Additions:

The amount of the total of any or all revenue, kilowatt hour, or other form of tax hereafter imposed by any municipal, federal or state taxing body upon the District shall be apportioned by the Commission of the District according to the territory in which such tax or taxes may be effective and among the various different classes of service furnished therein and shall constitute an additional charge to any amounts which may be billed to any customer under any rate schedule or special contract covered by this resolution.