General Services (less than 300 kW)

Resolution No. 2943, effective January 1, 2022


This schedule is available to District customers for lighting and power purposes less than 300kW.

Character of Service:

Service to be furnished under this schedule shall be single phase or three phase, at voltages available by the District.
Service is to be constructed according to the District’s Line Extension Policy and Service Requirements.


Basic Charge:

  • $0.96 per day for single phase,
  • $1.58 per day for three phase, plus

Energy Charge:

  • $0.06819 for consumption 15,000 kilowatt hours and under per month, plus
  • $0.05400 for consumption 15,001 kilowatt hours and over per month, plus

Demand Charge:

  • $0.00 per kilowatt of demand for the first 50 kilowatts, plus
  • $6.03 per kilowatt of demand for amounts above 50 kilowatts

Minimum Charge:

The minimum charge is the basic charge for the billing period.

Determination of Demand:

Demand is determined by a demand meter.

Demand for the billing period is the greatest fifteen-minute average kilowatt delivery rounded to the nearest kilowatt for the billing period. Five-minute demand interval billing may be used at the discretion of the District.

Power Factor:

Power factor shall be calculated using measured kilowatt-hours (KWh) and kilovoltampere-hours (KVAh).

When average power factor delivered during a billing period is less than 0.95;
Billing demand shall be multiplied by .95 and divided by the Average Power Factor to determine the power factor adjustment.

The power factor adjustment will be applied at the customers applicable demand rate.

Average power factor is determined as follows:

The District shall not be obligated to deliver power to the customer when power factor below 0.80.

Tax Additions:

The amount of the total of any or all revenue, kilowatt hour, or other form of tax hereafter imposed by any municipal, federal or state taxing body upon the District shall be apportioned by the Commission of the District according to the territory in which such tax or taxes may be effective and among the various different classes of service furnished therein and shall constitute an additional charge to any amounts which may be billed to any customer under any rate schedule or special contract covered by this resolution.