Activating an account for a location with existing service equipment is easy using the following options.

Complete our online form below.
321 Pacific Ave Chehalis WA 98532
240 7th Street Morton WA 98356

If you need to establish service for a new construction project, or alter your service to accommodate a remodeling project, please visit the Engineering & Construction page by clicking the button below:

Application for Electric Service

Please complete the form below and attach an unexpired government issued ID. The PUD will accept all forms of identification approved by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and/or the U.S. Transportation Security Administration. Upon receipt of the application, a Customer Service Representative will be in contact within 2-3 business days.

When applying for a commercial account, the person requesting service must be an employee and authorized guarantor of the business. In the case of a Sole Ownership or a Partnership, the request to set up service must be initiated by the owner(s).

Fees & Deposits

  • A non-refundable Account Service Charge (ASC) of $10.00 will be billed on your opening statement.
  • A security deposit may be required when starting service.
  • Deposit amounts are due at the time of service activation.
  • The security deposit requirement for residential customers can be waived if the applicant has established a satisfactory payment history with Lewis County PUD.
  • A deposit refund can occur when a customer has maintained a current account with no late payments for no less than 12 consecutive months. Refund amounts will be applied as a credit to the customer account for which the deposit was assessed.
  • Upon termination of service, the security deposit will be applied to all outstanding charges at the time of the final billing and any remaining funds will be refunded in the form of a check to the primary customer.