Improper use or installation of an electric generator can cause property damage, serious injury, and even death to you or a PUD worker. Use the services of a licensed electrician to safely install your generator.


Follow these precautions for generators:

  • Never attach a portable generator to the electrical system of your house or shop.
  • A portable generator should generally only be connected to a single appliance such as a freezer or refrigerator at a time. The generator must be outside and connected with a heavy-duty extension cord sized for the load.
  • Install permanent generators with a transfer switch and we recommend using a qualified electrician..
  • Never use a portable generator indoors (even if windows and doors are open). The exhaust from a portable generator contains high concentrations of carbon monoxide (a poison that cannot be seen and has no odor) and could kill you within minutes.

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Do not ever place a portable generator inside your home: