Public utilities in the Pacific Northwest serve more than 2,000 megawatts of industrial load, and BPA has a long history of supporting and advancing energy efficiency in the region.

Energy Smart Industrial

BPA recently launched the Energy Smart Industrial (ESI) program to assist BPA utility customers and their industrial facility customers in increasing cost-effective energy efficiency savings.

The ESI program is designed to provide regional consistency for BPA utility customers and end users in delivering cost-effective energy efficiency savings in the industrial sector, and encompasses all BPA offered industrial sector programs. BPA industrial sector staff provide overall ESI program management. There are dedicated BPA engineers and staff to manage industrial project technical reviews, and approvals. BPA program partner Cascade Energy Engineering and its subcontractors work with utilities to complement a variety of industrial services. These services include project development, marketing, management of TSP consultant contracting, and implementation of industrial sector energy efficiency acquisition.

Benefits to Utilities

The ESI program works with BPA utility customers to deliver cost-effective energy efficiency in all industrial sectors. ESI program staff are experts in industrial sector energy efficiency. They provide technical expertise and resources that may not be available at the utility level to help utilities achieve energy efficiency goals. Program delivery is customized for each utility to assure that utility/end user relationships are maintained, existing utility industrial programs are not impacted and projects are completed to the satisfaction of both utilities and end users.

Benefits to Industrial Facilities

The ESI program works with industrial facility customers through their local public utility to deliver cost-effective energy efficiency in all industrial sectors. There are a wide variety of program options for industrial users of all sizes and budget levels. By participating you can save money and energy, and may increase productivity and profitability.

ESI program staff are experts in your industry. These professionals provide technical expertise and resources to assure projects meet your quality assurance standards and are completed as planned. Not only that, ESI program staff work with you to develop a customized solution that protects your privacy and minimizes the impact to your production process while delivering the highest ROI possible.

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