Lucas Creek with lines down that are being addressed (approx. 40).

Pleasant Valley out of Morton that is being addressed (approx. 40).

Updated 8:10pm


Toledo/Ethel has been restored.

Line down in Winlock is being addressed, 40+ customers

Lucas Creek is under investigation

Your Patience Is Very Much Appreciated

Updated 6:35pm


We are now receiving calls on outages in the Lucas Creek area of Chehalis.

No Updates On Previous Outages in Toledo/Ethel and Winlock.

Updated 6:15pm


We are currently experiencing outages in the areas between and around Tucker and Spencer Roads in Toledo/Ethel (approx. 50) and another, unrelated outage in Winlock (approx. 250). Crews are being dispatched to address both outages. We have no ETAs on restoration until further research has been conducted