Incentive Details

  • $1,200 – ENERGY STAR Certified, NEEM 1.1 Home
  • $1,400 – ENERGY STAR Certified, NEEM 2.0 Home

Program Participation

This rebate is only payable to the documented homeowner. The following attached forms and qualifications must be present to qualify.

  • Rebate form must be submitted within 12 months of purchase date.
  • Have a permanently installed meter and an active service account.
  • Energy Star® NEEM Certificate of Compliance attached to this form.

Upon receipt of this completed form, we will verify the customer has an account at the service address listed. An on-site inspection may be scheduled for verification, at the homeowner’s convenience.

Thinking of buying a new manufactured home? Choose an ENERGY STAR® certified home and start saving right away. You also may benefit from:

  • Low VOC’s and quality exhaust systems for healthier indoor air.
  • Material resource efficiency.
  • Environmentally responsible construction practices.
  • Enhanced water efficiency.

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