Revolutionizing the way we heat water by utilizing super-efficient technology that can cut water heating costs by more than half. Consider this exciting new technology for your home’s next water heater purchase.

Program Participation

Heat Pump Water Heaters must be installed in an existing residence within Lewis County PUD’s electric service territory and be replacing an existing electric water heater.

Rebate Amounts:

  • 40 Gallon = $700.00 Rebate
  • Tier 3 (≥ 50 gallons) = $800.00 Rebate
  • Tier 4 (≥ 50 gallons) = $900.00 Rebate

Steps to Participate:

  1. Approved products & ratings can be found below in Helpful Links & Documents.
  2. Return rebate form & receipt copy to Lewis County PUD within 90 days of purchase date.
  3. Return the completed application along with a copy of a paid in full invoice/receipt showing:
    1. Retailer or contractor name
    2. Purchase date
    3. Brand name & model number
    4. Purchase price & proof of payment
  4. Rebate will be paid by check. Please allow 6 – 8 weeks for delivery

See helpful links & documents below for more information.

Heat Pump Water Heater Informational Video


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