Lighting for Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Lighting accounts for more than 40 percent of the savings potential in the commercial sector. Because lighting is the largest and most accessible commercial sector efficiency opportunity we continue to expand the number of efficiency measures available to our customers. These measures help capture targeted commercial lighting opportunities through use of fluorescent, light emitting diode (LED), electronically ballasted metal halide and other efficient fixtures.

Lewis County PUD offers our commercial and industrial customers substantial incentives to promote the installation of energy efficient lighting in new and existing commercial and industrial facilities. The installations can be in the form of replacement with new fixtures, the retrofitting of existing fixtures, and new construction projects that exceed energy code requirements.

Program Participation

Eligible Measures

  1. High bay fixture replacement.
  2. High performance lighting components
  3. LED lighting and exit signs
  4. Occupancy Sensors, timers, and control panels

All proposed lighting equipment must meet the technical requirements as defined in program specifications. Retrofit fixtures must be cleaned, and any damaged or discolored diffusers must be replaced. In all cases, any proposed lighting upgrades must result in a minimum 25%to 60% reduction in calculated energy use, dependent upon the existing and proposed fixture types.

Available Rebates

The program will pay up to 70% of the installed cost for qualifying lighting measures.

After eligibility has been determined for your project, the following events occur:

A lighting audit will be performed by energy services staff to determine existing conditions and fixture types. Audits may be supplied by vendors, but we reserve the right to verify such.

Calculations and analyses are done to determine areas where savings can be realized, as well as to what extent. Owner secures bids for the eligible work. For assistance in finding contractors and/or suppliers, contact the Northwest Trade Ally Network at

Selected proposal is submitted to us via BPA’s lighting calculator, found below. An Implementation Agreement is created identifying the scope of work, estimated cost, estimated energy savings, estimated incentive available, and post-installation verification process. The owner signs and returns this agreement. We will sign, and return a copy to the owner with the Notice to Proceed.

When the work has been completed, and inspection will be performed to verify compliance with both project and program specifications.

The verified incentive payment is made to the customer after the project passes inspection, and copies of paid invoices and other required documentation are submitted, reviewed, and approved.

For Vendors and Installers

The Northwest Trade Ally Network for Commercial and Industrial Lighting is a regional resource that provides training and support to help utilities and contractors work together to deliver lighting efficiency projects. Visit their website at

Program Documents

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