Commercial Food Service Equipment

Reimbursements for a suite of high-efficiency commercial kitchen and food service electric equipment, including refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, steamers, hot food holding cabinets, combination ovens, convection ovens, fryers, dishwashers and pre-rinse spray wash valves. All equipment must be new. These include:

  • Commercial ice makers – Contact us for details.
  • Commercial Kitchen Steamers – New measures must meet ENERGY STAR v1.2 requirements. 3,5, and 6 pan steamers are eligible.
  • Commercial Kitchen Hot Food Holding Cabinets – Model must meet CEE’s Qualified Hot Food Holding Cabinets Tier 2 requirements or have an idle energy rate of 20 watts per cubic foot or less.
  • Commercial Combination Ovens – Electric combination ovens must have a cooking efficiency of 70% or greater and an idle energy rate of 3.5 kW or less.
  • Commercial Convection Ovens – Model must be an ENERGY STAR commercial electric convection oven.
  • Commercial Electric Fryers – The electric fryer must meet program eligibility requirements. Eligibility is based on cooking energy efficiency and the idle energy rate of the unit.
  • Commercial Dishwashers – Must meet program eligibility requirements.
  • Pre-rinse Spray Wash Valves – Qualified installations require electrically heated dish-washing water in a facility that (1) serves 10 or more meal shifts per week (e.g., a facility that serves lunches and dinners, five days a week) or (2) has a documented rinse system that uses the equivalent amount of energy as 10 or more meal shifts (e.g., commercial bakeries; central school district cafeterias that prepare thousands of hot meals; or catering facilities that may only be used three times a week but provide meals for hundreds of people at a time). The measure requires direct installation of a new nozzle with a flow rate of 0.65 gallons per minute or lower.

If you are interested in available incentives, please contact us at your convenience.

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