Commercial buildings must have existing electric resistance heating or an existing ducted heat pump to be eligible for the programs described below.

Available Programs

Eligibility Requirements

Existing primary heating system must be either zonal or forced air electric resistance heat.

  • HSPF minimum rating of 11.0 – Non-Ducted
  • HSPF minimum rating of 10.0 – Ducted or Mixed

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) ductless rebates are also available at the same rate shown below. Additional conditions apply, please contact us for more information.

Commercial Ductless Heat Pump

Eligibility Requirements

Qualifying heat pump conversion and upgrade application have the following building characteristics.

  • Must currently be conditioned with one of the eligible heating systems below.
  • Must meet BPA’s efficiency specification requirements.

Heat Pump Conversion

Heat Pump Upgrade

ARC Eligibility Requirements

This measure is available for retrofits only. ARC projects must be listed on BPA’s ARC qualified products list.


Qualifying ARC retrofit applications have the following characteristics:

  • Heating type is electric or gas.

Existing RTU has the following characteristics:

  • Cooling capacity equal to or greater than five tons
  • A unitary system (split-systems are not eligible)
  • A constant-speed supply fan (RTUs with variable speed fans are not eligible)


Both Full ARC and ARC-Lite retrofits must add one of the following equipment options to the existing RTU:

  • A VFD and controller for variable speed fan operation, or
  • A multispeed motor and controller for multispeed fan operation.

The Full ARC Retrofit applications must also include a controller with both of the following capabilities:

  • Digital, integrated economizer control with either differential dry-bulb, or enthalpy with fixed dry-bulb high-limit shut off
  • Demand control ventilation with proportional control, based on CO2 sensor reading

Arc Retrofit – Full

Arc Retrofit – Lite


Connected Thermostat

This measure applies to existing buildings only. Hotel rooms are not eligible.


  • Heating type is electric or gas.
  • Existing HVAC system (which will be controlled by the new thermostat) has an existing supply fan, and Replaces an existing thermostat that is not web-enabled.

Buildings are eligible for more than one connected thermostat as long as each connected thermostat controls an existing HVAC system that has a separate supply fan serving a separate zone.


  • Limited duration occupied-period override.
  • Multiple set-back schedules with energy-saving temperature set-points during unoccupied periods including evenings, holidays and breaks.
  • Capable of scheduling the supply fan to operate continuously during occupied periods, and to operate in auto mode during unoccupied periods.
  • Remote, web-based monitoring and programming.
  • Battery and memory back-up to retain settings during power or internet losses.
  • BPA will accept only connected thermostat products that are on the BPA Connected Thermostat Qualified Products List. The Qualified Products List includes only those products which meet the requirements listed above.

Connected Thermostats

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