Update: 10:15
Cinebar is still being addressed. All other known outages have been restored.


Update: 8:30

Cinebar is still out of power. Crews are addressing.

East of Evans Road in Toledo is still without power. Crews are addressing.

Chehalis has been restored, as has Mossyrock.

Thank you for your patience.


Update: 7:10

Most of Toledo has been restored except for east of Evans Road.


Update: 5:23pm

The outage in Chehalis is affecting approx. 1,200 customers.


Crews are enroute to address several outages throughout the county.

Our largest known outage is in Cinebar with approx. 900 affected. We also have outages in Glenoma, Mossyrock, Toledo and Chehalis, including the Chehalis Industrial Park.

Thank you for your patience during these outages. We will update with new information as available.