Public Meeting Rooms

The District has two public meeting rooms available without charge to governmental agencies, responsible non-profit, non-religious, non-political groups for special meetings.


The meeting rooms are available outside normal business hours on a first-come, first-served basis. Frequency of single group meetings may be limited by the District to ensure the broadest possible use.

The capacity of each meeting room is limited to no more than 49. The District reserves the right to cancel any reservation at any time when the facilities are required for District purposes.

Business Purposes

Organizations/groups engaging in promotion of commercial products, sales, seminars, fundraising meetings or functions where an admission is charged are prohibited from using the facilities. The use of the facilities is solely for business purposes of the organization.

Election Campaigns

No elective official nor any employee of his or her office nor any person appointed to or employed by any public office or agency may use or authorize the use of any of the facilities of a public office or agency, directly or indirectly, for the purpose of assisting a campaign for election of any person to any office or for the promotion of or opposition to any ballot proposition. Facilities of a public office or agency include, but are not limited to, use of stationery, postage, machines, and equipment, use of employees of the office or agency during working hours, vehicles, office space, publications of the office or agency, and clientele lists of persons served by the office or agency.

Right to Restrict Usage

The District reserves the right to restrict any group from using the facility for disregard of any of the rules and regulations, creating a disturbance, stealing District equipment, and/or willful damage to the building or facilities.

Making Reservations

If you would like to request use of Lewis County PUD’s meeting rooms, please complete the Facility Use Agreement below and a staff member will contact you to process your request.



If you would like to download the form, click the link below and submit the application and required documentation to:

Facility Use Agreement (PDF)

Executive Assistant
Lewis County PUD
PO Box 330
Chehalis, WA  98532

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