Weatherization Available Programs

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Attic Insulation Rebates
Existing R-0 to R-38/49Existing R-11 to R-38/49Existing R-19 to R-38/49
$2 per square foot$.75 per square foot$.30 per square foot
Floor Insulation Rebates
Existing R-0 to R-19Existing R-0 to R-25/30
$.75 per square foot$.90 per square foot
Wall Insulation Rebate
Existing R-0 to Fill Cavity
$2 per square foot

Existing windows must be single pane, or double pane glass with metal frames to be eligible for the $6 per square foot rebate.

New Windows must be NFRC rated and have a U-value of .30 or lower (.29, .28, etc..).