Budget Billing faqs

  • 12 months of usage history at your current location.
  • An account balance of $0.00 is required at the time of enrollment.
  • Good credit rating with LCPUD.
What is Budget Billing (BB)?
  • BB lessens the impact of high bills by averaging the cost of your electricity evenly throughout the year.
  • BB payment is determined by adding the previous 12-months billed amount and dividing it by 12. The calculation then estimates your next 12 bills based on the monthly average and applicable rates.
  • BB payment is based on an estimate and it is important to continue to view your bill statements.
  • BB accounts are recalculated every year in April. The new amount will be calculated based on your actual account balance in addition to the prior 12 months bills.
What happens if my balance gets too high or too low?
  • Occasionally we see customers change their usage habits which results in a balance that is either higher or lower than the monthly estimated consumption. If you believe that your monthly payment may need to be adjusted, please contact the Customer Service Department.
Can I make payment arrangements on my BB plan?
  • No, BB is already a payment arrangement. Maintaining a current account in good standing is a condition of BB. If you apply for and are receiving assistance from an outside agency, you need to continue to make your BB payments until the assistance funding has been received and applied to your account. Any changes to the balance due will be reflected on your monthly statement.
What if I want to go back to regular billing?
  • Not a problem; simply contact our Customer Service Department to cease Budget Billing. If you need to make special arrangements, we can remove you from BB and set up a custom payment plan. Excessively late payments and /or NSF checks will result in removal from BB. Customers who have been removed from BB, either by choice or due to infractions, will be eligible to reapply for the BB during the next years’ enrollment period.
  • It is important to note that if you are removed from BB, outstanding balances on your account are due at that time. In addition, your account could become subject to disconnection for any past due balances. Should your removal result in a credit balance on your account, the funds would be applied to your future bills or refunded if the account is closed.
Want to sign up?

Enrollment period for 2023 has ended. Enrollment period for 2024 will start on May 1st, 2024. At that time, if you would like to sign up for Budget Billing, login or register for SmartHub here: SmartHub Information Page or call Customer Service at (360) 748-9261.