AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) meters—a.k.a. smart meters or digital meters—allow for two-way communication and operation between the meter and the PUD throughout the District’s service area and are an important part of a utility’s electronic infrastructure. AMI meters have many specific advantages over older digital and analog meters:

  • Advanced meters help us deliver electric services more efficiently and put our customers in greater control of their energy use.
  • Advanced meters provide faster outage detection and restoration without having to wait for you to call, and more accurately pinpoint the problem area for our crews.
  • Advanced meters reduce environmental impact by not having to send out employees to read meters saving thousands of miles of travel and carbon emissions.
  • Advanced meters allow customers to be remotely connected, disconnected, and reconnected which streamlines customer service and saves travel expenses for the PUD.
  • Advanced meters allow customers to sign up for energy alerts to let them know when energy use is greater than what they budgeted. This can help you detect if there is an issue with an appliance or equipment such as a hot water heater or a heat pump.
  • Advanced meters improve billing accuracy, eliminating misreads or inaccurate readings.

In short, AMI meter technology has proven its ability to add system reliability and save money.