1. Submit low-income application (see program documents below) and schedule energy audit.
  2. After your initial audit is completed you will receive a list of eligible measures for your home.
  3. The District offers a courtesy list of area contractors, available in our Chehalis and Morton offices, and our low income packet below.
  4. Approved low income customers must obtain a minimum of two bids and submit them to energy services for review.
  5. A verification of the measures installed will be conducted by a member of our energy services team to ensure the installed measure(s) meet program specifications (see below).
  6. The Conservation Participation Agreement must be completed prior to receiving a rebate. If the homeowner and account holder are different parties, both parties must complete and submit the conservation participation agreement before an incentive can be processed. This form is available by using our online form or by completing the program packet, both found below.