Although the 2020 Washington State Legislature provided public utility districts (like Lewis County PUD) and port districts the ability to provide broadband services directly to residential and commercial customers, Lewis County PUD’s current plans call for a public-private partnership with internet service providers (ISPs).

The PUD’s plan utilizes a model that has proven to be successful in other areas around the state and country: The PUD would build the fiber-to-the-premises (aka “fiber-to-the-home”) infrastructure as a publicly-owned open access network, which means that the infrastructure would be available for private internet service providers to connect end-users. By leveraging the expertise of private providers to directly serve customer broadband needs in an open access model so that multiple providers have the opportunity to serve an area, the PUD believes that this creates healthy competition. And with competition comes customer options, typically lower prices, and better customer service by ISPs.

As infrastructure is built in your area, you will receive communications from both the PUD and ISPs on how to sign-up for service.