Green Power Rate

Resolution No. 2943, rate effective January 1, 2022


This schedule is available to District customers served by Schedule 7 and/or Schedule 20.

Monthly Charge:

The monthly reoccurring charge for 100 kilowatt-hour blocks shall be in addition to the customer’s schedule 7 and/or 20 charges. Energy blocks will be met with renewable resources. The customer shall designate the level of participation at the rate of:

  • $2.00 per Block

Enrollment Restrictions:

The District will not accept enrollments for accounts that have a payment agreements in effect or have received one or more disconnect notices within the last 12 months.

General Provisions:

The District may limit customer participation based on resource availability. “Renewable resources” includes wind generation, solar, biomass, landfill gas, low impact hydro and geothermal energy sources used to produce electric power.

Term of Agreement:

Service under this schedule may be terminated at any time with changes going into effect after the next regularly scheduled meter reading.

Tax Additions:

The amount of the total of any or all revenue, kilowatt hour, or other form of tax hereafter imposed by any municipal, federal or state taxing body upon the District shall be apportioned by the Commission of the District according to the territory in which such tax or taxes may be effective and among the various different classes of service furnished therein and shall constitute an additional charge to any amounts which may be billed to any customer under any rate schedule or special contract covered by this resolution.