Key Dates

April/May WorkshopJune/July WorkshopAugust WorkshopsAugust/September Formal Processes
Large Projects WorkshopO&M WorkshopAugust Meeting with Financial ModelPublic Hearings on Proposed Budget
Budget Approval Prior to Oct. 1
Hearing #1:
Hearing #2:

Budgeting Process

CapitalO & MRevenue & Power CostBudget Review / Adoption
Project ScreeningO&M estimate submissionSet BPA Rates / CreditsPublic Hearing #1
Project PrioritizationO&M ScreeningSet Revenue ForecastBudget Amendments
Project SelectionO&M ReviewSet Net Power CostPublic Hearing #2
Project TimelineO&M TimelineEvaluate use of cash / reservesBudget Amendments
Project Funding EvaluationO&M / Capital Roll-upFinalize Draft BudgetAdopt Budget

Supporting Documents