Lewis County PUD participates in the following two alternative energy programs.

Does your meter spin backward?

Net Metering of Electricity

The Net Metering program allows a customer with a renewable energy system to feed any excess energy into the electric system. A bidirectional meter, also called a net meter, is installed to measure flow of power in two directions. This meter will measure the energy that is delivered from the utility to the customer and from the customer to the utility. Then the customer is billed on the “net” difference. In the instance a customer generates more than they use over an entire billing cycle, then the customer is given an energy credit to be used on future bills.


Washington State Program

The Washington State Renewable Energy Cost Recovery program is currently approved through 2020 and is a financial incentive program designed to encourage installation of solar, wind and anaerobic digester generation. The customer applies for the program through the Washington State Department of Revenue. Depending on the manufacturer of the equipment used for the system, the customer will receive an annual incentive up to $0.54/kWh of generation with a yearly cap of $5000.

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