Lewis County PUD owns a 14.25% share of the Energy Northwest’s Packwood Lake Hydro Project, as well as owns and operates the Mill Creek Project, a mini-hydro located near Salkum. In June 1991, we began construction of the 70 megawatt Cowlitz Falls Hydro Project. The Project began commercial operation on June 28, 1994, and produces approximately 261 million kilowatt-hours annually. While the PUD remains the owner of the Cowlitz Falls Project, its output has been sold to the Bonneville Power Administration until 2032 with the stipulation that Bonneville Power Administration pay for the operations and maintenance of the project. The Bonneville Power Administration currently provides 98% of the electricity distributed to our customers.

With passage of Initiative 937 in 2006, we are required to meet a portion of our load with renewable resources. To meet this renewable requirement we purchased 6 megawatts from the Nine Canyon Wind Project near Kennewick, WA and 20.5 megawatts from the White Creek Wind Project near Goldendale, WA.

Lewis County PUD provides electric service throughout Lewis County with the exception of the City of Centralia.  In 2016, we served approximately 31,000 customers within approximately 2,530 square miles comprising of approximately 3,370 miles of distribution line and services.