Lewis County PUD is updating its Pre-Qualified Contractors list for the current year.  Contractors must be pre-qualified by the Board of Commissioners annually to work on our electrical and/or fiber system.  Electrical work may consist of electrical substations, transmission, and overhead and/or underground distribution construction projects and tree trimming.  Fiber work may consist of splicing, overhead and/or underground fiber construction projects.  All contractors wanting to submit bids for work on our electrical or fiber system must be on Lewis County PUD’s Pre-Qualified Contractors list.

In order to become pre-qualified by Lewis County PUD, a person, firm, or corporation must possess the following requirements:

  1. Adequate financial resources, or the ability to secure such resources;
  2. The necessary experience, organization, and technical qualifications to perform the proposed work;
  3. The ability to comply with required performance schedules taking into consideration all of its existing business commitments;
  4. A satisfactory record or performance, integrity, judgment, and skill to perform the proposed work; and
  5. Be otherwise qualified and eligible to receive an award under applicable laws and regulation.

This is not a notice of bid; rather, the applications submitted by contractors will be used by Lewis County PUD to establish a list of contractors from which future bids may by be required.

The deadline for applications and all required documentation is 5:00 p.m. on October 31st of each year for placement consideration on the District’s next year’s Prequalified Contractors Roster.  Applications received after the deadline will be reviewed the following June.

Complete and submit the form below with the required documentation to:

Executive Assistant
Lewis County PUD
PO Box 330
Chehalis, WA  98532

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