Centralia Coal Transition Grants Weatherization Board invests in energy efficiency incentives offered by the Lewis County Public Utility District

  Centralia, (December 12, 2018) The Centralia Coal Transition Grants Weatherization Board (“Weatherization Board”) and the Lewis County Public Utility District (“District”) are teaming up for a second time to support energy efficiency programs available to District customers. The Weatherization Board has approved a grant amount of $1,080,000 to the District to provide qualified customers […]

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Tuesday, January 8th : Ashford & Mossyrock Outages : Restored

11:45 am update: Power has been restored to all but 8 customers in the Mossyrock area. Thank you for your patience. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9:15 am We are receiving calls and currently investigating large outages affecting the Ashford area and one affecting parts of Mossyrock. We will update information as available. Crews enroute.

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Sunday, December 6th Outages : Restored

As A Reminder: PLEASE NEVER TOUCH A DOWNED POWER LINE! Update: 10:00pm Most all power has been restored. A small handful of outages are still being addressed. We so appreciated your patience during these widespread outages. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Update: 8:00pm Power has been restored to most of the District with the exception of a few customers […]

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Thursday, December 20th Outages : Restored

*Please Never Touch Any Downed Lines* Update: 7:15pm All Known Outages Have Been Addressed. Again, thank you for your patience. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Update: 1:35pm Most all of the outages to the east of I-5 have been restored. We continue to address outages west of I-5, including areas from Adna through PeEll. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Update: Noon Restorations Include: […]

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Friday, December 14th Outages : Restored

Update: 10:15 Cinebar is still being addressed. All other known outages have been restored. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Update: 8:30 Cinebar is still out of power. Crews are addressing. East of Evans Road in Toledo is still without power. Crews are addressing. Chehalis has been restored, as has Mossyrock. Thank you for your patience. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Update: 7:10 Most […]

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Fords Prairie Area Outage : Sunday, October 14th

Approx. 1,300 Lewis County PUD customers will be affected by an outage requested by Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) to conduct work in and/or around our Fords Prairie substation. Letters to our customers were sent 9/27 with the following message: In our efforts to accommodate Bonneville Power Administration’s (BPA) fortification of their infrastructure, Lewis County PUD […]