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Large Outage Affecting Packwood

Crews are in route at this hour to Packwood in response to a large scale outage affecting North Packwood and portions of down town.  We thank you for your patience while we work to restore power this evening. Crews found a tree limb to be the cause of the outage and made quick work of […]

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Downtown Chehalis Power Outage

We are currently experiencing an outage in the downtown Chehalis area.  Crews have been dispatched and expect repairs to be completed by 5:00 pm. We appreciate your patience during this unscheduled outage. As of 4:22 pm all power has been restored.

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Update: September 8th Boistfort Road Outage

Scheduled Outage Update: Lewis County PUD #1 will conduct a scheduled outage Friday, September 8th, on the Boistfort Road in Chehalis. This will occur during the hours of 3:00 am to 7:00 am.  The District will need to move overhead lines for the Lewis County Road Department to make repairs.

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PeEll / Doty / Dryad Outage

We are currently experiencing an outage in the areas of: East of PeEll towards Doty, to include Doty and Dryad. Approx. 450 customer without power. An investigation is taking place to determine the cause of the outage. Thank You for Your Patience During This Unscheduled Outage.

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Centralia Outage

We were just able to restore almost 1/2 of the 450 customers experiencing an outage in the Big Hanaford area due to a tree in the line. We hope to have the approximately 250 customers still experiencing an outage restored within the next couple of hours. Lewis County PUD #1

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Outage Planned for Greater Winlock Area

On Saturday morning, June 10th @ midnight:15, Lewis County PUD will be conducting a ½ hour power disruption in the greater Winlock area. The outage is to complete maintenance on our system that began with the April 22nd midnight:15 outage. We thank you for your patience while we conduct this fortification to your infrastructure.  

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Adna Outage June 2nd, 2017

****As of 6:13pm, all power has been restored. Should you still be experiencing an outage, please call us at 748.9261.   As the result of a car vs. pole accident, Lewis County PUD will need to interrupt service to approximately 800 customers around 3:15 for roughly 3 hours in the areas of Twin Oaks, Frogner, […]

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May 16th Outage

We are currently addressing a tree in lines affecting approximately 200 customers south of Randle. We hope to have lines back up and power restored by 10:30 this morning. Thank you for your patience during this unscheduled outage.

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May 11th Outages

All known outages have been restored. We are currently experiencing power outages in: Onalaska Area: 508 both east and west of Onalaska Middle Fork Rd, Centralia-Alpha Rd, Pigeon Springs area We are getting a crew headed that way.

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Alternate Take-Out Site Meeting Scheduled for May 19

Whitewater Boaters, We have scheduled a meeting to discuss proposals for the Cispus River rafter/kayaker alternate take-on Friday, May 19, from 9-12, at the auditorium in the Lewis County PUD main office building in Chehalis. We have a call in number shown below for those who are unable to attend. Please invite those who may […]